P.P.U. PRODREX Ltd. exists from 1989. At first the company employed 9 persons, and the field of its activity included building and repair services and mushroom production. The permanent business progress, extending the fi eld of activity and an increase in employment let for obtaining a wide range of services in the fi eld of the comprehensive maintenance of cleanliness and order in an industrial plants and public buildings, at the current level of employment of about 250 employees.

Our company owes its rapid development to constant raising standards of the work and high quality of supplied services based on using the latest technologies, eco-friendly cleaning agents and devices from world-renowned companies. A motto of the Company is professionalism and openness to all needs and wishes of the Customer, according to the quality and environmental mission taken on.

The evidence of the high quality of services supplied by P.P.U. PRODREX Ltd. as well as of the concern of the company for the natural environment is obtained certifi cate in the field of Integrated System of Quality Management and Environmental Management according to standards:

  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001
Model example of the activity of our Company is many-year lasting cooperation with greatest industrial companies in Silesia region. Experience in the scope of supplying services for automotive industry date from 1991, when our Company started the cooperation with our most important customer, FIAT AUTO POLAND.

Attempting to meet raising Customer’s demands and increasing competition, the Company invests in modern equipment, devices and technologies.

Currently the basis of Company’s activity is supplying services in the range of:

  • Complex waste management
  • Maintenance of cleanliness and order
  • Maintenance of green infrastructure
  • Destruction of documents

→ Comprehensive waste management

  • Collection and transport of waste with own transportation within „Just in Time” system, by means of specialist ADR vans
  • Transfer of waste for neutralization or utilization
  • Recovery of waste performed on our own
  • Own installation for plastic recovery
  • Consulting service in the range of choosing of recovery or neutralization
  • Running waste records on Client request
  • Waste gathering in specialist containers:
    • Open, closed containers,
    • GMT, KN, KSO, MAUSER, ASF, ATB type containers
  • Works connected with waste management performed on waste producer’s area (emptying waste bins, waste selection and segregation)

→ Maintaining order and cleanliness

  • Cleaning the factory fl oors using professional equipment
  • Cleaning of production lines
  • Comprehensive cleaning of offi ces
  • Emptying of waste baskets and exchange of plastic contributions
  • Exchange of sanitary contributions

→ Maintenance of green areas

  • Mowing of lawns
  • Care for flower beds
  • Bushes trimming
  • Sweeping out of parking, pavements, squares and streets

→ Winter maintenance areas

  • Maintaining of transport road winter serviceability
  • Maintenance of pavements in black state using chemicals
  • Pavement protecting against glazed frost
  • Snow removing from roofs and shelters

→ Destruction of documents

The service is based on the safe destruction of the paper documents and other media. A protocol that you will receive after completing our services ensures that the documents were destroyed in a confidential and professional manner.

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